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Long-COVID Another Challenge for a Safe Operation

Most people infected with Covid-19 will recover from their symptoms, if any, in a maximum period of four weeks. However, 10-30% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 will experience long-term after-effects. When existing symptoms last longer than expected or new ones develop following the acute phase of COVID-19 infection, it is referred to as “ongoing” symptomatic COVID-19 (from four to twelve weeks).

Posted on July 30, 2021
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3 Things To Keep Your Eye on as Global Business Aviation Begins To Rebound

Since COVID-19 first entered our world in January 2019, it has taken us on quite a roller coaster ride with plenty of twists and turns. Few would have thought that we would still be in that situation over a year later, but here we are. It has been a challenging time for the aviation industry, but with global business aviation activity up 28% compared to 2020, down only by 9% compared to 2019 year to date, it looks as if our rebound is here.

Posted on June 7, 2021
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Aviation Travel Risk Management

Recent high-profile events have raised a lot of questions regarding travel safety. The downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus have raised concerns for those who travel and operate in those regions. In today’s volatile environment, an integrated travel risk management solution is both a business imperative and a best practice.

Posted on February 3, 2020
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Assistance and the Holistic Approach to Aviation Security

Aviation threats and risks don’t only affect high-profile commercial operations. In fact, in some instances the threats may be more acute for smaller aviation organisations, which can operate in more…

Posted on April 1, 2019
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Are You Prepared When Traveling With Children Onboard?

A recent article in Travel + Leisure provided interesting statistics about how many children are flying on private flights. As many as 15-25% of flights from large charter companies have…

Posted on November 9, 2018
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CPR/AED Training: Frequent Refreshers are Critical

TELL ME AND I FORGET, TEACH ME AND I MAY REMEMBER, INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN.” – BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. If someone collapsed in front of you in cardiac arrest, would…

Posted on May 3, 2018
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Road Safety While on the Road

Road safety is one of the top travel risks for business travelers and crew members while at destination. Whether as a pedestrian, a vehicle driver, or a passenger in a…

Posted on November 3, 2017
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Medical Advisory: Safe Sleeping, Best Seats and More Safety Tips for Air Travel with Children

Let’s face it, traveling with children can be stressful. Whether on a commercial aircraft or a private flight, one of the most challenging times is when a child becomes unwell…

Posted on May 3, 2017
"Zika virus" printed on paper

Medical Advisory: What is the Zika Virus?

As the international headlines tell us, mosquito-borne diseases are having a global impact. Annually, 700 million people become ill with diseases spread by mosquitoes. Over 627,000 deaths were caused by…

Posted on July 7, 2016