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MedAire - An International SOS Company

MedAire, Inc

Comprehensive Medical, Security and Travel Assistance

MedAire, Inc, an International SOS company, provides integrated medical, security and travel assistance services to the passengers and crews of business jets and private aircraft to ensure they receive the best care possible, whether in the air or traveling abroad. MedAire serves more than 2,000 aviation clients worldwide with in-flight medical training, on-board medical equipment, on-the-ground medical and security assistance and a 24/7/365 telemedicine service staffed by emergency room doctors.

MedAire contributes to the SM4 Online Safety Learning Management System with the following learning plan:

Module 1 ‐ Introduction to Travel Risk Management (7 minutes)

  • Describe what travel risk management is and what it covers
  • Identify potential travel risks
  • Identify questions you should ask yourself to ensure you are prepared

Module 2 ‐ Flight Department and Travel Risk Management (5 minutes)

  • Describe how the Flight Department’s risk management works within the company’s overall travel risk management program
  • Identify considerations which must be made in relation to risk management by both corporate travel and Flight Departments

Module 3 ‐ Aviation‐Specific Travel Risk Management (12 minutes)

  • Identify and describe the three points of intervention
  • Describe the benefits of a good travel risk management program
  • Summarize the questions you should ask yourself to ensure risk is mitigated

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