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The Global Aerospace Commitment to Safety

The Global Aerospace SM4 Safety Program has revolutionized the way insurance specialists help their clients achieve higher levels of operational safety. SM4 was built on the concept of integrating four critical safety components: planning, prevention, response and recovery. Its mission is to help organizations manage risk, enrich training efforts, strengthen safety culture and improve safety management systems.

Aircraft Technician Services

The SM4 Community of Excellence provides three complimentary levels of service designed to elevate the SM4 Program and deliver customized, unmatched service to the aviation industry.

Pilot Flying Partners

The unique quality of aviation safety resources found in the innovative SM4 program is the result of the combined expertise of the safety program partners.

Refueling a Private Jet Safety Resources

SM4’s safety resources address the most crucial issues in aviation safety and help improve understanding of aviation safety management, professional performance, and support continuous improvement.