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Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

Pulsar Informatics is an IS-BAO I3SA certified company specializing in systems that help organizations reduce fatigue-related risk and achieve peak performance. Fleet Insight enables safety managers and schedulers to proactively evaluate fatigue across their entire operation’s schedule and formulate mitigation strategies. Fatigue Meter Pro Planner is used by pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance personnel to evaluate their individual flight and duty schedule. www.pulsarinformatics.com

Pulsar Informatics provides customized safety services for Global Aerospace Vista Elite clients in the United States. These services are designed to help enhance and support your existing safety programs. Some examples of programs we have provided to our clients are shown below. SM4 Vista Elite benefits are unique and customized for each flight department. (Scope of benefits depends on size of operation)

  • Entire flight department fatigue risk management programs, not just crew
  • Using FOQA data and fatigue assessments to determine fatigue impact on operations
  • Fatigue risk management for maintenance, manufacturing/assembly floor, FBOs

Pulsar Informatics contributes to the SM4 Online Safety Learning Management System with the following learning plan:

Module 1 ‐ The Science of Fatigue (15 minutes)

  • Identify what fatigue is
  • Explain what causes fatigue

Module 2 ‐ Operational Fatigue Risk (10 minutes)

  • Define the causes of fatigue
  • Mitigate the effects of fatigue using a comprehensive fatigue risk management system

Module 3 ‐ Fatigue Risk Management (10 minutes)

  • Define common patterns of fatigue
  • Utilize a fatigue risk management program to combat the effects of fatigue

Module 4 ‐ Fitness For Duty (10 minutes)

  • Define fitness for duty as a shared responsibility
  • Use the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT) to test your levels of fatigue‐induced impairment

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