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SM4 Canada

The Global Aerospace SM4 Aviation Safety Program is a fully supported collection of expertise and resources that you can utilize to develop and improve your operations. Using the tools and resources in the SM4 program will allow you to advance your path of continuous improvement. The SM4 program, now in its 11th year, continues to focus on providing resources to help the aviation industry achieve higher levels of operational safety.

In June 2021, Global Aerospace expanded the SM4 Program to provide select General Aviation policyholders in Canada with complimentary access to our Online Safety Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS provides Global Aerospace clients with customized online training courses for both personal and professional development to support their continuous improvement.

Steve Hughes, chief underwriting officer, Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers Limited adds, “As a leader in this industry, it is imperative that we continuously develop solutions and services to benefit our clients and their brokers. By expanding our SM4 Safety program in Canada, we are providing access to valuable resources that will help them manage risks and strengthen their safety culture.”

In Canada, the SM4 Community of Excellence provides two complimentary levels of service:

Global Aerospace and the SM4 partners have developed a customized safety LMS that is designed to provide advanced training solutions for the current and next generation of aviation personnel. Global Aerospace clients are provided with the tools and knowledge to further develop their operational safety, professional performance and support their continuous improvement.

*Excluding Light Aircraft and UAS