pilot looking at flight data on tablet

GE Aerospace

Streamlined Data-Driven Safety Solutions

GE Aerospace, Software as a Service specializes in transforming flight recorder data into actionable insights for corrective measures and ultimately loss prevention. Their solutions, including FlightPulse®, enable safety managers to proactively evaluate and address in-flight events, such as unstable approaches, before they become safety incidents.

Data is used in a risk-based approach to training in the areas of:

  • Runway excursion
  • Loss of Control in Flight (LOC-I)
  • Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
  • Touchdown point control
  • Wingtip clearance protection

For Global Aerospace Vista Elite clients in the United States, GE Aerospace, Software as a Service offers customized solutions to enhance and support existing safety programs. SM4 Vista Elite benefits are unique and customized for each flight department with the scope of benefits depending on the size of the operation.

Some examples of programs we have provided to our clients include:

  • Entire flight department data analysis programs, not just crew
  • Using FOQA data to mitigate risk of loss