Safety Systems (SMS)


Reimagining Mastery Through Anaheim Peppers

June 1, 2020, Tony Kern, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Performance

Downtime used to be hard to come by. Remember just a couple of months ago when the pace of operations…


A Safety Manager’s Mantra: Share Selflessly and Steal Shamelessly

June 1, 2020, Mark Myers, Senior Safety Manager, Baldwin Aviation Inc.

I have been fortunate to have advanced my safety management career while working for one of the nation’s commercial airlines…


The Journey to the New Normal: is Your Organization Prepared to Resume Operations?

April 29, 2020, José L. Muñoz, Senior Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

In hindsight, it is fair to say that the world was ill‐prepared to cope with the COVID‐19 pandemic. Although not…


Culture: The Foundation of a Safety Management System (SMS)

March 26, 2020, Steve Brechter, Senior Advisor of Operations, Gray Stone Advisors

Detection vs. Prevention Much has been written about the key elements of a Safety Management System (SMS). According to the…


Aviation Operations in the Year of the Coronavirus

March 23, 2020, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

During these uncertain times, employers are relying on their internal programs to assure employees and customers alike that operations can…


The Bedrock of Aviation–Integrity

March 2, 2020, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

The key to improving aviation safety isn’t simply having a well-designed and implemented SMS. That program must be supported by engaged leadership and adhered to with integrity. Learn what that means.


Aviation Travel Risk Management

February 3, 2020, Kara O'Connell, VP Global Marketing, MedAire, Inc.

Recent high-profile events have raised a lot of questions regarding travel safety. The downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus have raised concerns for those who travel and operate in those regions. In today’s volatile environment, an integrated travel risk management solution is both a business imperative and a best practice.


The What, Who and How of Australia’s Transportation Security Program for Aviation Operations

December 6, 2019, Jason Starke, Director of Standards, Baldwin Aviation - Safety & Compliance

Planning on flying your corporate aircraft to Australia? The country has made changes to its Transportation Security Program. Get the details.


Enhancing the Value of Safety Management Systems Metrics

September 10, 2019, Shannon Rupe, Senior Project Manager, Gray Stone Advisors

When it comes to aviation metrics, “What gets measured gets improved.” While this is a seemingly simple statement, the big…


Process in the Post-IS-BAO World

July 18, 2019, Steve Brechter, Senior Advisor of Operations, Gray Stone Advisors

Recently, I asked a successful aviation director what the most significant driver of operational performance is in his flight department….

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