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Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance Customized Safety/Quality Management programs and related business solutions developed by experienced and credentialed safety professionals include training, manual management and SMS implementation/software. Based on ICAO and other international standards and regulations, Baldwin’s programs support Business Aviation, Charter, MRO, Ground Operations and Handling, FBO, Airport, Medical Transport, UAS and Regional Airlines by providing scalable/flexible software, an outstanding customer experience, and our Commitment to Excellence.

Baldwin provides customized safety services for Global Aerospace Vista Elite clients in the United States. These services are designed to help enhance and support your existing safety programs. Some examples of programs we have provided to our clients are shown below. SM4 Vista Elite benefits are unique and customized for each flight department. (Scope of benefits depends on size of operation)

  • SMS/QMS Technology Subscription customized for YOUR operation with Forms, Data Analysis, IEP, and Reporting
  • Virtual Training Courses
  • Internal Evaluation Program
  • Safety Manager Training
  • Safety Culture Surveys

Baldwin contributes to the SM4 Online Safety Learning Management System with the following learning plan:

Module 1 ‐ Safety Manager Training (10 minutes)

  • Recognize the importance of SMS
  • Define why we have SMS

Module 2 ‐ SMS (10 minutes)

  • Define what SMS is
  • List the safety objectives of our organization

Module 3 ‐ SMS Component Safety Risk Management (10 minutes)

  • Properly identify a hazard
  • Analyze and mitigate hazards

Module 4 ‐ Safety Assurance (10 minutes)

  • Analyze data regarding safety assurance
  • Implement and manage change

Module 5 ‐ Safety Promotion (10 minutes)

  • Cultivate a safety culture within the organization
  • Promote safety and feedback amongst employees

Module 6 ‐ What Is Just Culture? (10 minutes)

  • Manage human error
  • Define the three types of behavior choices made by employees

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