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About SM4

The Global Aerospace SM4 Aviation Safety Program is a fully supported collection of expertise and resources that you can utilize to develop and improve your understanding of safety management and refine your Safety Management System (SMS).

The SM4 Program partners work together as “The Community of Excellence” to deliver unmatched service to the aviation industry. The unique quality of aviation safety resources found in the innovative SM4 program is the result of the combined expertise of the partners. The extensive training and response knowledge possessed by these individuals and organizations provides a 360-degree view of aviation safety and risk management.

Planning: A systematic approach and commitment to planning is an essential part of your safety program. The process of effective planning strengthens your organization by reinforcing responsibilities and authorities. Clarity…safety preparedness…continuous improvement…prediction: these are key elements of successful aviation safety planning.

Prevention: Accident prevention involves more than having an SMS binder on the shelf and being able to check off the boxes for auditors—it requires a vigilant mindset and a team approach to looking for every opportunity to uncover potential risks and courageously address them. Because nothing is lost, and no one is hurt, in a mishap that never happens.

Response: Within the context of aviation safety, response is not merely related to emergency response. The way you and your team respond to hazards, procedural deviations and mishaps is at the heart of your safety culture. Response is often a public performance. And that can be a good thing, because it reinforces your company’s brand as one committed to safety and integrity.

Recovery: Recovery is one of the primary goals of your aviation safety system. While your safety program exists to avoid risks and prevent mishaps, you need to have a solid plan for recovering from a safety incident after your initial response is underway. Successful recovery requires a cooperative relationship within your organization and with all the available support organizations in your community.

SM4’s aviation safety resources can be accessed through:

  • Aviation Safety Resource Website
    The SM4 website contains volumes of information about almost every aspect of aviation safety and aviation risk management. This information is available in the Resources section of the website and can be copied and shared with your colleagues.
  • Aviation Safety Bulletin
    If you sign-up with SM4, you will receive a monthly aviation safety bulletin via email. The SM4 Bulletin articles are focused on cutting-edge issues related to aviation safety which can be used to augment the Safety Promotion pillar of your SMS.
  • Aviation Safety Initiatives
    Global Aerospace sponsors safety seminars that are presented across the United States and Canada. These seminars deliver the most relevant content from the most qualified experts in aviation safety and the related issues of human factors, emergency response, safety culture development and many other topics.

These resources are made available free of charge. We welcome all members of the aviation community to participate in SM4 by commenting on what you read, offering new resources, participating in discussions and seminars, and by sharing the aviation safety training knowledge you possess.

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The SM4 logo represents the belief that a safety culture is defined by how you integrate your approach to Planning, Prevention, Response and Recovery into the everyday way you work and live.