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Learn more about the unique capabilities, expertise and SM4 direct services provided by our program partners. The extensive training and response knowledge possessed by these individuals and organizations provides a 360-degree view of aviation safety and risk management.

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SM4 Overview

The Global Aerospace SM4 Safety Program has revolutionized the way insurance specialists help their clients achieve higher levels of operational safety.

SM4 Safety Partner Video Library

Why On-Aircraft UPRT? Why On-Aircraft UPRT? (3:48)

Prevailance Aerospace

Why On-Aircraft UPRT?

Barrel Roll Barrel Roll (0:26)

Prevailance Aerospace

Barrel Roll

Dynamic Maneuvering Dynamic Maneuvering (0:27)

Prevailance Aerospace

Dynamic Maneuvering

UPRT Pilot Training UPRT Pilot Training (00:52)

Prevailance Aerospace

UPRT Pilot Training

Fit4 Duty Fit4 Duty (4:04)

Convergent Performance

Fit4 Duty

Progressive Spin Progressive Spin (0:55)

Prevailance Aerospace

Progressive Spin

How Has Aviation Inspired You How Has Aviation Inspired You (2:02)

Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance

How Has Aviation Inspired You