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Advanced Aircrew Academy

Advanced Aircrew Academy

A Comprehensive Approach to Business Aviation Training

Advanced Aircrew Academy enables flight operations to fulfill their training needs in the most efficient and affordable way—in any location at any time. This is done by providing industry leading pilot, flight attendant, flight coordinator, maintenance, and line service training modules delivered via the web using a world class online aviation training system. Training is fully customizable to include operator specific information. All activity, progress, and exam scores are tracked and documented. Audit ready and easy to manage.

Advanced Aircrew Academy provides customized safety services for Global Aerospace Vista Elite clients in the United States. These services are designed to help enhance and support your existing safety programs. Some examples of programs they have provided to clients are shown below. SM4 Vista Elite benefits are unique and customized for each flight department. (Scope of benefits depends on size of operation)

  • Training Program Analysis
  • Customized eLearning Packages
  • Runway Excursion Prevention eLearning Modules

Advanced Aircrew Academy contributes to the SM4 Online Safety Learning Management System with the following learning plan:

Module 1 ‐ Introduction to Runway Excursion (15 minutes)

  • Know about the various business aviation runway excursions in recent years
  • Identify leading causal factors in runway excursions
  • State the top three focus areas to prevent a runway excursion

Module 2 ‐ Stabilized Approach (15 minutes)

  • Identify key issues of an un-stabilized approach
  • Understand why Failure to Go-Around is the number one risk factor approach and landing accidents
  • Review a high-profile runway excursion and the final NTSB report analysis
  • Know the Go-Around Decision-Making and Execution Project’s summary of recommendations
  • Review the recommendations for profile, configuration, energy, and general guidelines

Module 3 ‐Wet or Contaminated Runways (15 minutes)

  • Understand why wet or contaminated runways are a leading causal factor in runway excursions
  • Review runway excursions during 2019 and 2020 that occurred on wet or contained runways
  • Know the FAA recommendations
  • Know the impact of not grooved and non PFC runways

Module 4 ‐Winds (15 minutes)

  • Know that crosswind or tailwind are causal factors in runway excursions
  • Review a runway excursion incident

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