Safety Training


Coming to Terms With the Business Aviation Talent Shortage

September 27, 2019, Global Aerospace, Aviation Insurance Provider, Global Aerospace, Inc.

The aviation industry is somewhat unique in its talent requirements. Highly skilled and experienced personnel are essential to safe, effective…


Building Safety Management Capacity in Aviation Organizations

May 30, 2019, Jason Starke, Director of Standards, Baldwin Aviation - Safety & Compliance

Over the last decade, aviation organizations have been preoccupied with implementing safety management systems (SMS), aviation safety action programs (ASAP),…


Most Valued Insurance Policy Ever!

May 8, 2019, Chris Thomas, Instructor Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

The discussion of pilots’ over reliance on automation is in the forefront of most aviation accident investigations. With more than…


One Simple Truth to Guide Your 2019

January 14, 2019, Tony Kern, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Performance

A striking number of people – myself being one of them – begin each New Year with a list of…


Are you Ready for Thermal-Runaway?

October 5, 2018, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

Thermal runaway has been on our radar for a while, as you will surely remember the Japan Airlines B-787 that…


Slow Onset Hypoxia Represents the Highest Risk of Fatality

June 1, 2018, Paul W. Buza D.O., F.A.C.N., Medical Director, Southern AeroMedical Institute

The current training standards for rapid or explosive cabin depressurization have served the commercial aviation industry well. Over the last…


The Need to Ensure Skill Proficiency in Oxygen Mask Use

December 8, 2017, Paul W. Buza D.O., F.A.C.N., Medical Director, Southern AeroMedical Institute

All pilots have undergone emergency mask training in accordance with the high altitude endorsement (HAE). This training is performed in…


Instructor Diversity: Is it Good for You?

December 8, 2017, Kevin Sandlin, Chief Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

Within the aviation community, no two pilots are alike. Each has strengths and weaknesses, good and not-so-good techniques, and their…


Road Safety While on the Road

November 3, 2017, MedAire (used with permission), An International SOS Company, MedAire

Road safety is one of the top travel risks for business travelers and crew members while at destination. Whether as…


Angle of Attack (AoA) Management

October 6, 2017, John Owens, CEO, Prevailance Aerospace

It’s hard to manage Angle of Attack (AoA) if the dynamic information isn’t directly available to the pilot. This is…

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