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Reinvention Throughout the Pandemic

August 28, 2020, Vanessa Christie, Chief Executive Officer, Prevailance Aerospace

Opportunity. It is a concept that helps us cope with the constant change and the flexibility required to endure the pandemic. The aviation industry has been hit hard, and everyone associated with it is having to reinvent themselves in one way or another.


The “New Normal” in Aviation Safety

August 3, 2020, Steve Brechter, Senior Advisor of Operations, Gray Stone Advisors

Much is being written these days about the shifting of “normalcy,”’ given the global COVID-19 pandemic. What we have come to understand as “normal” in business aviation today has changed dramatically in just a few short months.


Reimagining Mastery Through Anaheim Peppers

June 1, 2020, Tony Kern, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Performance

Downtime used to be hard to come by. Remember just a couple of months ago when the pace of operations…


A Safety Manager’s Mantra: Share Selflessly and Steal Shamelessly

June 1, 2020, Mark Myers, Senior Safety Manager, Baldwin Aviation Inc.

I have been fortunate to have advanced my safety management career while working for one of the nation’s commercial airlines…


Getting Back in the Flying Game!

April 30, 2020, Mark Burgess, Chief Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

We are living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 crisis has essentially shut down many flight departments and training organizations around…


Aviation Operations in the Year of the Coronavirus

March 23, 2020, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

During these uncertain times, employers are relying on their internal programs to assure employees and customers alike that operations can…


The Bedrock of Aviation–Integrity

March 2, 2020, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

The key to improving aviation safety isn’t simply having a well-designed and implemented SMS. That program must be supported by engaged leadership and adhered to with integrity. Learn what that means.


Aviation Travel Risk Management

February 3, 2020, Kara O'Connell, VP Global Marketing, MedAire, Inc.

Recent high-profile events have raised a lot of questions regarding travel safety. The downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus have raised concerns for those who travel and operate in those regions. In today’s volatile environment, an integrated travel risk management solution is both a business imperative and a best practice.


How to Fly Reliably Alert

February 3, 2020, Matthew van Wollen, Chief Financial Officer, Pulsar Informatics, Inc.

Clearly, you don’t want to be in a safety‐sensitive situation when a lapse of attention occurs. For your own safety and that of your passengers and fellow crew, it is imperative that you be reliably alert throughout your duty period. But how do you go about ensuring alertness?


Coming to Terms With the Business Aviation Talent Shortage

September 27, 2019, Global Aerospace, Aviation Insurance Provider, Global Aerospace, Inc.

The aviation industry is somewhat unique in its talent requirements. Highly skilled and experienced personnel are essential to safe, effective…

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