Upset Recovery Training


Most Valued Insurance Policy Ever!

May 8, 2019, Chris Thomas, Instructor Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

The discussion of pilots’ over reliance on automation is in the forefront of most aviation accident investigations. With more than…


Startle Who? Startle You!

December 5, 2018, Mark Burgess, Chief Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

After flying with hundreds of students as a flight instructor in the U.S. Navy then as a flight instructor in…


Taking on Spins & Stalls – A Brief History

July 6, 2018, Mark Burgess, Chief Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

More than 100 years ago, as the Wright brothers experimented with different aircraft designs, they recognized that control of a…


Defeating Startle—Training You Cannot Afford to Live Without

January 5, 2018, John Fristachi, Instructor Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is becoming ever more widely recognized as a necessity in combating the grim statistics…


Angle of Attack (AoA) Management

October 6, 2017, John Owens, CEO, Prevailance Aerospace

It’s hard to manage Angle of Attack (AoA) if the dynamic information isn’t directly available to the pilot. This is…


What is the Real Cost of Realism in Training?

September 7, 2017, Larry Slade, Chief Operating Officer, Prevailance Aerospace

The ongoing debate over the merits of training on-aircraft or in a flight simulator continues. Flight simulation has reached extraordinary…


Why Angle of Attack (AoA)?

July 11, 2017, John Owens, CEO, Prevailance Aerospace

Aviation authorities around the world, including our own FAA, have made conquering Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) a top priority….


UPRT Skills Transferability: Effectively Addressing the #1 Killer in Aviation Today

June 12, 2017, Vanessa Christie, Vice President, Strategic Development, Prevailance Aerospace

Why would I train in an aerobatic airplane when I normally fly a corporate jet? Or a twin turboprop? These…


A Step-by-Step Guide to Prevent Skills Atrophy

May 2, 2017, Abigail Greenwell, Marketing Consultant, Prevailance Aerospace

Congratulations, you’ve finally earned every certificate you’ve ever wanted.  Well done!  Unfortunately, you have already begun to experience “skills atrophy”,…


Upset Training Without Getting Sick!

April 10, 2017, Audrey Kovesci, Instructor Pilot, Prevailance Aerospace

Both the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recognize on-aircraft Upset Prevention and Recovery Training…

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