Safety Systems (SMS)


Evaluating Safety When Selecting Air Charters

March 6, 2018, Craig M. Conrad, Aviation Emergency Response Specialist, Fireside Partners Inc.

“When travelers arrange an on-demand charter flight, they do so believing the flight will be safe. They implicitly trust that…


What is the Best SMS Tool? – YOU ARE!

February 5, 2018, Christopher Young, Director of Safety Solutions, Baldwin Aviation - Safety & Compliance

Do you remember the old U.S. Army recruiting posters depicting “Uncle Sam” and the slogan, “I Want You”? It might…


Eliminating Confusion within your SMS – SPIs, SPTs vs KPIs

December 8, 2017, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

For those operators within IBAC’s IS-BAO and IS-BAH programs who are voluntarily developing and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS)…


After all the Industry Hyperbole, Conferences, and Congressional Hearings—Is Business Aviation Any Closer to Reliability In Aircraft Tracking?

September 12, 2017, Donald J. Chupp, President, Fireside Partners Inc.

GPS in every cockpit. Drones delivering pizza. Autonomous gliders trained to find thermals on their own. With the current state…


Achieving Simplicity in a Complex World of Safety

February 1, 2017, Sonnie G. Bates, Vice President/COO, Baldwin Aviation Inc.

Effective leaders deliver simplicity in response to complexity. (Harter, 2006, p. 77) Although anyone can be a leader in any…


Maximizing the Benefit: Applying Risk Management Tools to Achieve Operational Excellence

January 10, 2017, Louis A. Sorrentino III, CEO & Managing Director, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

One of the benefits of an effective, enterprise-wide risk management program is the opportunity to break down pre-existing barriers between…


Emotional Buy-In to Your Emergency Response Program

November 9, 2016, Ian McAllister, Emergency Operations Director, Fireside Partners Inc.

On an intellectual level, having a comprehensive Emergency Response Program makes sense. That is why I have seen countless Program…


Focused IEP for Small Operators

September 12, 2016, Sonnie G. Bates, Vice President/COO, Baldwin Aviation Inc.

Internal control dates back to when operational complexity required one person to have custody of assets belonging to others (Wilson,…


The Airport Risk Manager’s ERM/SMS Dilemma

April 4, 2016, Louis A. Sorrentino and Mike Natale, CEO, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

So many projects, so little time…and money, and staff and resources and…. This may apply to two of the biggest…


Safety Culture…Continuous Nurturing Required

January 11, 2016, Bob Conyers, Sr. Manager, Safety Management, Baldwin Aviation Inc.

Culture is to organizations what personality is to individuals—every person has one and every organization has one. Whether that culture…

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