Online Safety Learning Management System

In order to continuously evolve the SM4 Aviation Safety Program to meet the needs of our clients, the Level II SM4 Learning Management System (LMS) which launched in 2020, will sunset on May 31, 2024.

We are pleased to announce that we are developing a new approach to distribute aviation safety content to support continuous learning and help our general aviation clients meet their safety objectives.

The SM4 Online Safety Learning Management System (LMS) provides Global Aerospace general aviation policyholders in the United States and select Canadian policyholders (excluding light aircraft and UAS) with the tools and knowledge to further develop and improve their understanding of aviation safety management, professional performance and support their continuous improvement.

The LMS is designed to support your operation and help meet our industry’s need to adopt advanced training solutions to support the current and next generation of aviation personnel.

The LMS provides:

  • Easy, online access to practical and interactive learning plans designed by each of our SM4 partners in their area of expertise;
  • Time-efficient, impactful courses that provide seamless integration into your organization’s training program;
  • Continually updated¬†courses to keep up with the latest developments in business aviation safety;
  • Unlimited number of user accounts per client;
  • Certificate of completion provided to participants for each completed learning plan.


Complementary Access to Interactive Learning Courses

  • SM4 Aviation Safety GAMESHOW! – A fun way to test your aviation safety knowledge and receive suggestions for further Learning Plan courses to revisit.
  • Aviation Insurance 101 – An overview of the aviation insurance industry
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence – Explore the variables of social awareness and navigating its complexities.
  • ERP & Family Assistance – Learn the top 10 priorities in the first six hours of a crisis.
  • Travel Risk Management – Learn about travel risk management and the points of intervention.
  • Introduction to UPRT – Focused on inflight control and improving the pilot training paradigm.
  • Introduction to Blue Threat –¬† Learn the concepts of Blue Threat and understand how to tackle the challenge of human error.
  • SMS and Just Culture – Learn the key elements of promoting and fostering safety culture.
  • Fatigue Risk Management – Learn about the correlation of fatigue and fatigue risk management.
  • Fire Safety Training – Emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance and control.
  • Runway Excursion – Top 3 Causes and Factors to Mitigate