Safety Training


Road Safety While on the Road

November 3, 2017, MedAire (used with permission), An International SOS Company, MedAire

Road safety is one of the top travel risks for business travelers and crew members while at destination. Whether as…


Angle of Attack (AoA) Management

October 6, 2017, John Owens, CEO, Prevailance Aerospace

It’s hard to manage Angle of Attack (AoA) if the dynamic information isn’t directly available to the pilot. This is…


Fruit Flies, Circadian Rhythms, and Fatigue Risk Management

October 5, 2017, Daniel Mollicone, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientist, Pulsar Informatics, Inc.

Recently, it was announced that this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three scientists for their research on…


After all the Industry Hyperbole, Conferences, and Congressional Hearings—Is Business Aviation Any Closer to Reliability In Aircraft Tracking?

September 12, 2017, Donald J. Chupp, President, Fireside Partners Inc.

GPS in every cockpit. Drones delivering pizza. Autonomous gliders trained to find thermals on their own. With the current state…


Pavlov’s Dogs Had it Right

September 8, 2017, Pat Daily, President, Convergent Performance

Note: In the 1890s, a Russian psychologist named Ivan Pavlov noticed that his dogs began salivating even before they were…


What is the Real Cost of Realism in Training?

September 7, 2017, Larry Slade, Chief Operating Officer, Prevailance Aerospace

The ongoing debate over the merits of training on-aircraft or in a flight simulator continues. Flight simulation has reached extraordinary…


Why is it ALWAYS the Pilot’s Fault?

August 7, 2017, Vanessa Christie, Vice President, Strategic Development, Prevailance Aerospace

Read any given NTSB accident investigation and you will find that the pilot is at least partially responsible for the…


Crew Resource Management: Two Critical Mask Donning Checklist Items

July 11, 2017, Paul W. Buza D.O., F.A.C.N., Medical Director, Southern AeroMedical Institute

Following a cabin depressurization, the successful donning of a mask should be added to the emergency protocol. Incorporating these two…


Why Angle of Attack (AoA)?

July 11, 2017, John Owens, CEO, Prevailance Aerospace

Aviation authorities around the world, including our own FAA, have made conquering Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) a top priority….


How to Address the Top 4 Challenges Faced by Most Flight Departments

June 12, 2017, Jim Lara, Principal and Founder, Gray Stone Advisors

If your flight department operates one-to-three aircraft, you’re likely facing resource constraints. And depending on how you manage them, they…

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