Safety Training


The Question Game

April 10, 2017, Ronald Berry, Managing Director, Fireside Partners Inc.

There is a gap in our market…we see it and you see it. It’s 3 a.m. A company aircraft carrying…


You Can’t Handle the Truth!

March 13, 2017, Pat Daily, President, Convergent Performance

Lt Kaffee: “I want the truth!” Col Jessep: “You can’t handle the truth!” That’s the famous interchange from the movie…


Slow Onset Hypoxia Represents the Highest Risk of Fatality

February 1, 2017, Paul W. Buza D.O., F.A.C.N., Medical Director, Southern AeroMedical Institute

The current training standards for rapid or explosive cabin depressurization have served the commercial aviation industry well. Over the last…


Experiential Learning and the Importance of On-Aircraft UPRT Programs

January 10, 2017, Larry Slade, Chief Operating Officer, Prevailance Aerospace

You fly to a simulated abeam position in the landing pattern with your instructor, and you begin to pull power…


Centers of Gravity (Living Ones)

October 6, 2016, Tony Kern, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Performance

Pilots are all familiar with the concept of center of gravity (CG), the fulcrum point around which thrust, drag, lift…


Mitigating the Loss of Control In-Flight Epidemic

June 8, 2016, Vanessa Christie, Vice President, Strategic Development, Prevailance Aerospace

The FAA and NTSB consistently write, speak and regulate in an ongoing effort to mitigate the Loss of Control-Inflight (LOC-I)…


How Many Flight Crew are Needed to Operate Safely?

May 3, 2016, Jim Lara, Principal and Founder, Gray Stone Advisors

The topic of appropriate pilot and flight attendant staffing levels can be a delicate, even emotional, subject. Virtually every business…


Emergency Response Program: A Holistic Approach

March 7, 2016, Owen Woodland, Operations Specialist/FAA Certified Dispatcher, Fireside Partners Inc.

In light of recent corporate aviation accidents and significant world events, I have seen many business aviation operators look solely…


Sorry, There’s No App For That

December 3, 2015, Donald J. Chupp, President, Fireside Partners Inc.

Experiential Learning and Achieving Cerebral Retention Since when did we become an industry of passive learners, perfectly content to sit…


A Brief History of Upset Training

October 2, 2015, Zach McCarley, Test Pilot, Calspan Aerospace

On March 3, 1991, a Boeing 737 crashed near the approach end of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport runway 35. The…

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