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MedAire Offering More Emotional Support, Security Services

April 16, 2018, MedAire

MedAire has seen an increase in the need for emotional support from aviation crews and security services for new aircraft.  As…

A Pilgrim’s Encounter with Just Culture

September 26, 2012, Richard Keltner
Richard Keltner

This is a post for my friends and colleagues in the aviation and safety world. On Tuesday morning I was…

How to get a raise or save your job.

May 21, 2012, Richard Keltner
Richard Keltner

I thought that might get your attention. But I’m not kidding. If you are part of a flight department, almost…

The Level of Safety in General Aviation

March 14, 2012, Richard Keltner
Richard Keltner

Welcome to our Safety Conversation. During a recent meeting the NBAA Safety Committee identified ten leading aviation safety concerns. They…

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