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Drone flying at night above large city

sUAS Crisis Management: Ensuring Successful Communications During Crisis Response Operations

In 2017, the United States endured many natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other forms of destruction. Throughout these national crises and incidents, the small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) industry launched…

Posted on January 5, 2018
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Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Unmanned Aircraft Operations

In June 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published its long-awaited rules governing the commercial use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS). The rules…

Posted on August 10, 2016
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FAA Proposed Rules for Small UAS Fall Short

In February 2015 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released its long-awaited Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on rules for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). The proposed rules outline both…

Posted on August 3, 2015
Large drone flying in cloudless sky

Safety Culture for Small UAS Operators

With the upcoming release of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) governing small “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)”, there is increased focus on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ability to safely…

Posted on January 9, 2015