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Previous Newsletters

Below are the five most recent newsletters. All the content from previous newsletters can be located
in the Aviation Safety Resource Library.

October 2014 | Family Assistance Best Practices, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety, Fatal Accident Stats, Single-Pilot Safety

September 2014 | Overcoming Temptation, FAA Seeking a Proactive Approach to Safety, SMS Focus at Gulfstream, and More

August 2014 | The Dutch Roll, New Safety Assessment Tool, Pre-Planning Security for Business Travel, and More

July 2014 | Independent Audits, GAO Reviews SMS, Upset Recovery Training and More

May 2014 | Safety Culture: How Does Your Culture Grow?
Since the advent of safety management systems (SMS) at the beginning of this century, there have been many articles written about safety culture. Google the subject and you’ll find more treasure than if you were searching for real estate in Florida. But what does it mean? Does anyone actually think about their safety culture, either individually or as an organization? To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Safety culture is like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.”

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