Community of Excellence

Welcome to the SM4 Community of Excellence

The unique quality and depth of aviation safety resources found in the innovative SM4 program is the result of the combined expertise of the program partners. The extensive training and response knowledge possessed by these individuals and organizations provides a 360-degree view of aviation safety and risk management.

In 2016, SM4 launched the Community of Excellence to promote a new concept that would elevate the program and deliver unmatched service to the aviation industry. For 2017, the Partners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) continue to revolutionize the program to make it more visible and provide easy access to the many aviation safety benefits it provides.

The Community of Excellence provides three levels of service: Level I – complimentary industry resources, Level II – Global Aerospace client services and Level III – Global Aerospace Elite services.

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2017 SM4 Program at a Glance

Level I: Complimentary Industry Resources

  • Monthly Aviation Safety eBulletin
  • SM4 Website Resources
  • Program News & Events
  • Aviation Safety Library
  • Direct Access to Partners
  • PDF Safety Posters
  • Podcast and Training Video Library

Level II: Global Client

Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International

  • Risk Profile
  • Technical Publications Diagnostic
  • Enterprise Risk Management / SMS Webinar

Baldwin Aviation

  • Safety Culture Survey
  • SMS Recurrent Training
  • How to Improve Your Safety Culture
  • Just Culture – Not As Simple As It Seems

Convergent Performance

  • Safety Culture, Organization Compliance, or Level IV Professionalism Survey
  • 60 Minute Manager’s Course on Level IV Professionalism, Fit 4 Duty™, and Aviation Maintenance Never Events®
  • Safety Promotions Campaign
  • Aviation Maintenance Never Events® (AMNE), Pilot Reliability Certification 100/200, and Aviation Professionalism Mastery (APM) eLearning courses

Fireside Partners Inc.

  • Virtual ERP Readiness Experience


  • MedLink Services Trial Offer
  • Management of Inflight Illness & Injury Training

Prevailance Aerospace

  • Unusual Attitude Training (UAT)

Pulsar Informatics

  • Fatigue Risk Management Webinar Training
  • 2-Month Trial of Aviation Fatigue Meter™

Satcom Direct

  • SD Data Center Cyber Audit and Phone Consultation

Southern Aeromedical Institute

  • DeSat Scenario Based Hypoxia Training Program (1 pilot)

Unmanned Safety Institute

  • Small UAS Safety Ground School™ (Part 107 preparatory course with advanced flight safety add-ons)
  • Discounted USI Products and Services

Level III: Vista Elite Client

Baldwin Aviation

  • SMSlite™ Safety Management Software
  • SMSprime™ Comprehensive SMS Program
  • SMS – From the Top Down
  • Pre-Audit Support and Gap Analysis
  • Safety Manager Support Services
  • SMS Statement of Conformity

Convergent Performance

  • NEGATE: Never Events Gap Analysis Tool and Evaluation for Maintenance
  • Global War on Error (GWOE): Aggressive Error Reduction Initiative
  • Fit4Duty™ Fatigue Risk Management System (F4D FRMS)

Fireside Partners Inc.

  • Introductory Service #1: Aviation ERP Educational Tabletop and SWOT Analysis
  • Introductory Service #2: 24/7 Aviation Emergency Services Agreement
  • Innovation Service Level: The Digital Emergency Response System (Digital ERS)
  • Advanced Service Option: The Emergency Response Program Accelerator

Prevailance Aerospace

  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Pulsar Informatics

  • Aviation Fatigue Meter™ Fleet Insight™

Southern Aeromedical Institute

  • DeSat Scenario Based Hypoxia Training Program (2 pilots)

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