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Implementing a Fatigue Management Program: A Human Factors Dimension to Your SMS

Chapter 11 of ISBAO centers on a Fatigue Management program. Introduced as its own chapter in 2016, the section emphasizes the need to have a Fatigue Management Plan (FMP), which…

Posted on March 6, 2018
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Fruit Flies, Circadian Rhythms, and Fatigue Risk Management

Recently, it was announced that this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three scientists for their research on biological clocks and 24-hour circadian rhythms. Although their experiments were…

Posted on October 5, 2017
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The True Meaning of Proficiency

I had been on an extended break from the Navy reserves to train with a new airline. When I got back to Navy flying, I flew two long, round-trip C-130T…

Posted on October 9, 2012

Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) Tools

Here are several links to tools and discussions related to Fatigue Risk Management. Included on the site is a “Return On Investment” (ROI) calculator. www.mxfatigue.com Here is a link to…

Posted on March 15, 2012