Reinvention Throughout the Pandemic

Vanessa Christie

By Vanessa Christie
Chief Executive Officer, Prevailance Aerospace

Posted on August 28, 2020
Pilot in cockpit looking out to his left

Opportunity. It is a concept that helps us cope with the constant change and the flexibility required to endure the pandemic. The aviation industry has been hit hard, and everyone associated with it is having to reinvent themselves in one way or another. It might be as simple as working remotely or transitioning to e-commerce, or maybe the entire scope of work has changed. Either way, the most effective transition supports the concept of opportunity.

The NTSB identified several new safety recommendations to the FAA earlier this year. These recommendations addressed flight crew performance, industry pilot hiring process deficiencies, and adaptations of automatic ground collision avoidance system technology.1 All three give the industry an opportunity to innovate and refine technologies as we slow down through the pandemic. The first one supports an opportunity to seek excellence on an individual level.

Is each member of a flight crew current and proficient in academic and simulator training? Are current employers supporting professional development in conjunction with the collective new work environment? If the answer is yes, perfect! If the answer is no, then now is the time to seek individual professional development opportunities. Gain access to the training that brings individual members and holistic flight crews to the peak of performance.

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) used to be a course that was taught face-to-face and implemented in close quarters cockpits, generally over a three-day period. Now, UPRT is a combination of online instruction, webinars, newsletter subscriptions and minimal direct engagement with flight instructors. The pandemic provided an opportunity to streamline the entire training curriculum in a way that ultimately makes it more effective. Students have additional time to examine material, review presentations and remain engaged through online mediums. This reinvention fosters the refinement of flight crews’ skills and builds a community that remains engaged in UPRT.

Whether it is UPRT, sea planes, mountain flying or high-altitude training, flight crews have the opportunity to hone previously neglected facets of current positions by taking the time for individual training and professional development. For example, if a pilot does not feel comfortable maneuvering at high altitudes or certain attitudes, the right instructor makes that training relevant, addresses direct concerns and eliminates skills deficiencies. Regardless of what elements flight crews seek to improve, taking the time to seize the opportunity and establish a new standard is paramount.

Across the aviation industry, “a strong culture of learning is the basis for successful adaptation in a highly unpredictable environment.”2 Whether it is systems knowledge, operating environments, human factors or stick and rudder skills, flight crews need more diverse training to feel truly prepared for any given contingency. This culture of learning elevates everyone’s performance and professionalism to the next level.

A CFI talks a corporate pilot through a new maneuver to better prepare him for any given unexpected event.

Whether you are interacting with an online professor, aircraft simulator or dedicated CFI, take the opportunity to learn a new skill, refine an older skill and be better than you were back when this all started to hit home back in March 2020. Make the most of this time. Enjoy the opportunity to be something a bit different and a reinvention of something better.

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Prevailance Aerospace is a UPRT provider that has been working with corporate, government, and general aviation pilots to improve safety in the aviation industry. Prevailance Aerospace uses Extra 330LXs for training and our pilots are experienced aviation professionals from various military and general aviation backgrounds. We know that successful aviation endeavours are accomplished through an uncompromising commitment to safety, impeccable professionalism, tremendous attention to detail, and constant improvement.

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