The SM4 Safety Partners

The unique quality and depth of aviation safety resources found in the SM4 program is the result of the combined expertise of our Partners. The training and response expertise possessed by these individuals and organizations is without parallel, resulting in a 360-degree view of aviation safety and risk management. Global Aerospace is honored to work with these highly regarded aviation safety consultants.


partner-logo-amAviation & Marine Safety Solutions International (AvMaSSI) provides safety, security and operational integrity evaluations, consulting and auditing to airlines, airports, charter and corporate operators, OEMs, marine operators, seaports, governments, international agencies, and financial institutions the world over. AvMaSSI provides IS-BAO preparation and audit services and supports Global Aerospace and its SM4 and Vista Elite Programs with focused safety/SMS, security, regulatory compliance, and IS-BAO auditing services.

partner-logo-baBaldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance has the distinction of being the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementer (2007) and also of being awarded the first-ever IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate (SSA) certificate for its Safety Management Program in 2012. Highly flexible, customizable and user friendly, Baldwin’s SAVVY(c) software enables an easy way to collect, analyze and monitor safety data that is designed around clients’ unique needs. Services available range from SMSlite(c) to SMSprime(c); with additional support available for advanced workshops, on-site reviews and pre-audit support.

partner-logo-cpConvergent Performance is a human factors training and consulting firm with expertise in performance optimization; physiology and psychology of human error; measurement and development of professionalism; achieving Level III professionalism; advanced air crew and maintenance resource management; fatigue risk management; Automation Airmanship® and human-machine interface; procedures and checklist development; safety culture assessment and development; airport SMS; and professional development (Aviation Manager and Leadership Training).

partner-logo-fp-newFireside Partners Inc. is the only fully integrated emergency services provider that specializes in the business aviation industry, and high net worth/high visibility individuals and business concerns. Providing a broad array of aviation focused prevention and emergency response services, Fireside is available 24/7/365 to some of the world’s best brands and most visible individuals and their families.

partner-logo-gsGray Stone Advisors combines their experience both in leading businesses as well as managing business aviation operations in order to provide flight department leaders with strategies for improvement. For more than 20 years, they’ve been “simplifying the business of business aviation” by working alongside all layers of aviation personnel, senior executives and family office representatives to help them become truly adept in all of the aspects of operating a business within a business.

partner-logo-ma-newMedAire, Inc, an International SOS company, provides integrated medical, security and travel assistance services to the passengers and crews of business jets and private aircraft to ensure they receive the best care possible, whether in the air or traveling abroad. MedAire serves more than 2,000 aviation clients worldwide with in-flight medical training, on-board medical equipment, on-the-ground medical and security assistance and a 24/7/365 telemedicine service staffed by emergency room doctors.

partner-logo-prevailance-150Prevailance Aerospace is an FAA Part 141 certified provider of Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT), offering safety-focused airborne training that strengthens the skills of each and every pilot. Training programs address the leading causes of loss of control – inflight (LOC-I), the role of startle and surprise in aviation mishaps, and teach repeatable and transferrable recovery techniques. Pilots train in Extra 330s, designed with the highest safety margin in the industry, and practice the skills required to prevent and subsequently recover from aircraft upsets, stalls, and spins. Prevailance Aerospace instructors are former U.S. military instructor pilots with decades of experience operating in the most dynamic environments.

Pulsar Informatics is an IS-BAO I3SA certified company specializing in systems that help organizations reduce fatigue-related risk and achieve peak performance. Fleet Insight enables safety managers and schedulers to proactively evaluate fatigue across their entire operation’s schedule and formulate mitigation strategies. Fatigue Meter Pro Planner is used by pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance personnel to evaluate their individual flight and duty schedule.

Satcom Direct’s SD Data Center brings enterprise-level security audits to data transmissions on the ground and in the air. SD’s compliance experts use a consultative approach to provide aircraft cyber security audits focusing on both the cabin and the ground network. The audit addresses cyber security issues, best practices in network design, and policies and procedures, all to ensure passenger data is classified and properly protected.

Southern AeroMedical Institute (SAMI) is the prime research institute regarding the phenomena of Slow Onset Hypoxia. SAMI’s decades of research have improved the way aviators around the world prepare themselves for oxygen contingencies. The patented DeSat Training program is the closest possible re-creation of the dynamic and task saturated environment a pilot will face during a pressurization event. This includes a medical understanding of hypoxia, FAA standard mask donning procedures, ATC communication, crew coordination, and post event training – all while operating at true altitudes and utilizing oxygen reserves.

The mission of the Unmanned Safety Institute is to improve safety in Unmanned Aircraft Systems operations. The Unmanned Safety Institute is a professional training organization for UAS operators and organizations focused on improving safety in UAS operations through the adoption and modification of time honored aviation safety and training practices.

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