Unmanned Safety Institute Expands Offerings within Global Aerospace’s SM4 Safety Program

October 20, 2016

Cincinnati, Ohio, October 19, 2016

Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), a subsidiary of ARGUS International, Inc., and the world leader in UAS flight safety education, and remote pilot training and certification, and Global Aerospace Inc., a leading provider of aircraft insurance and risk management solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries, announced today that they have expanded their joint partnership within Global Aerospace’s industry-leading SM4 Safety Program Community of Excellence to become a Level II partner.

USI, an accepted training provider with the FAA’s Safety Team, has been the preferred partner and exclusive provider of UAS safety education to the Global Aerospace SM4 Safety Program since 2014. Global Aerospace extends its commitment to aviation safety with a vested interest in helping its clients and the industry pursue higher levels of safety. Launched in 2010, the SM4 Safety Program was built on the concept of integrating the four critical safety components: planning, prevention, response, and recovery. Its mission is to help organizations manage risk, enrich training efforts, strengthen safety culture, and improve safety management systems.  Now in its 6th year, SM4 continues to provide targeted subject matter experts and financial support to the aerospace sector. With this newly expanded partnership, Global Aerospace clients will enjoy a 15% discount on all USI online training offerings.

Since 2014, USI has been providing industry-recognized “best in class” safety education, training, and certification to Global Aerospace clients seeking to integrate and operate UAS in the national airspace.  With today’s announcement, USI is pleased to provide global client services for Global Aerospace’s customers within the SM4 Safety Program. USI is offering four of the eight modules in their flagship product, the Small UAS Safety Ground School, for free to all Global Aviation clients who want a Level II benefit. The Small UAS Ground School was designed by USI’s UAS safety experts to give in-depth and practical knowledge of UAS operations and safety protocol, as well as prepare students for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Examination. Along with this offering, Global Aerospace clients will enjoy a 15% discount on all other USI products and services related to their UAS programs.

“USI and Global Aerospace have enjoyed a great partnership for nearly two years, and we are thrilled to be expanding our relationship.  We are very proud to stand beside our peers in the SM4 Safety Program as widely-recognized industry experts in UAS safety education and training,” remarked Aaron Greenwald, President of USI.

Chris Proudlove, Senior Vice President at Global Aerospace Inc. commented: “Safety management and operator training are key to the safe and sustainable growth of the drone industry. We are delighted to expand our partnership with USI to help our clients develop their own expertise in this rapidly growing industry.”

In March 2016, Global Aerospace launched the SM4 Safety Program rebranded as a Community of Excellence to promote a new concept that will elevate the program and deliver unmatched service to the aviation industry. The Community of Excellence Partners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have revolutionized the SM4 program to make it more visible and provide easy access to the many safety benefits it provides.


USI has created, exclusively for Global Aerospace SM4 clients, a dedicated portal to access the Small UAS Ground School.  Global Aerospace clients who complete the first four modules will be prompted to purchase the remaining four modules for a 50% discount.  Please contact your broker or underwriter to receive the access code.