The Science of Learning to Read One’s Own Performance…

May 31, 2012

Dr. Tony Kern’s recent BLOG post focuses on:
The new science of learning to read one’s own performance, devoid of self-delusion, ego, excuse making or rationalization, a skill that opens many doors for those who make the effort.


Learning to Read (Yourself)

Cesar Chavez, the great civil rights leader of the 1960’s and 70’s once said, “You cannot uneducate the person that has learned to read.” His point then, and mine now, is that there are certain skills that cannot be taken from you, they keep giving as long as you want them to and are willing to use them. Chavez’s example is even more poignant today than when he spoke them, as the internet has opened up nearly all of recorded history and knowledge to us all.  READ MORE….