Airmanship Skills – Upset Recovery Training

Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I)
First Class Training Provided by Prevailance Aerospace

The 2017 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training program is provided by SM4 partner Prevailance Aerospace. All Global Aerospace customers who are interested in enhancing their current training curriculum are eligible for a unique series of Unusual Attitude Training services.

Prevailance Aerospace was founded to address the #1 cause of fatalities in aviation today – LOC-I. Each training program focuses on the leading causes of LOC-I, how best to address and manage the ‘startle’ factor, and teaches repeatable skills and techniques required to recover from an upset situation. The Prevailance Aerospace instructor cadre has decades of experience flying and instructing in military and civilian aircraft and use a building-block approach to on-aircraft training in a safe and professional environment. The training is tailorable and fully transferable to a wide variety of platforms. Prevailance Aerospace’s primary training facility is in Chesapeake, VA but they will also take their training curriculum directly to their customers’ flight departments – an industry first.

To find out more about Prevailance Aerospace’s training program, please contact your local Global Aerospace underwriter.

Welcome to Prevailance Aerospace – Video

Prevailance Contact:
Vanessa Christie: VP, Strategic Development at Prevailance Aerospace. or 757-309-4572

Global Aerospace Welcomes Prevailance Aerospace to its Sm4 Safety Program  – Oct, 24, 2016

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