Headed to the World Cup in Brazil?…Read These Travel Safety Tips

May 22, 2014

Travel Safety Tips: Expert Advice Ahead of the Football Matches in Brazil

May 13, 2014

Twelve cities in Brazil are preparing to welcome international visitors for the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world.

As a service to those flying privately to Brazil during the tournament, MedAire has prepared a special Aviation Travel Security Brief with travel safety information for the general aviation community, including:

  • Airport security assessments for each city hosting the matches 
  • Alternate overnight destinations for each host city
  • Travel risk ratings for each host city and alternate overnight destinations
  • Travel safety advice for each host city
  • Recommended medical facilities at host cities 
  • Schedule of matches at each host city

“Many charter companies are still receiving requests for flights to the matches, so they are behind in securing hotel accommodations for their crew,” said Peter Tuggey, Managing Director of MedAire Ltd.

“Therefore, we provide alternate overnight destinations for people unable to find adequate accommodations in each host city. We conducted an assessment of airports in the region based on their security and suitability for overnight parking of general aviation aircraft. Once a location was deemed suitable for the aircraft, a review of available accommodations for crew was conducted to ensure the location was supported by hotels that meet international business class standards.”

MedAire, an International SOS company, and Control Risks share the following advice for those traveling to Brazil during the tournament:

Maintain caution at all times and avoid high-risk districts.

  • Criminals are commonly armed and open fire if they are resisted. If targeted, avoid doing anything to resist or antagonize the assailant, as criminals are liable to use lethal force.
  • Short-term ‘express’ kidnapping poses a risk to travellers. Do not accept food or drink from strangers, avoid using ATMs outside banks or after dark, and avoid displaying items of real or perceived wealth.
  • Use only official taxis or hire a private vehicle and driver. Signage is poor and driving standards are variable; it is inadvisable to self-drive unless familiar with local conditions.
  • Carjackings and other assaults are known to occur in traffic jams or at traffic lights. To reduce the risk of falling victim to carjackings and similar crimes, travellers should choose a modest vehicle and ensure that no valuables are visible to passers-by.
  • Avoid demonstrations, rallies and picket lines due to a credible risk of clashes between demonstrators and the security forces. Do not attempt to cross picket lines as this may prompt a hostile reaction.
  • Travelers attending events should arrive early at the stadium and minimize time spent near entrances. In the event of unrest, follow instructions issued by the authorities, move to a secure area and remain there until the situation stabilizes. Avoid displaying badges or related material when outside the security perimeter.

MedAire is providing the special edition Aviation Travel Security Brief to flight departments upon request. To request a copy, visit www.medaire.com/contactbga.