Global Aerospace Welcomes Prevailance Aerospace to its SM4 Safety Program

October 24, 2016

Providing Customized Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Solutions

Parsippany, New Jersey – Global Aerospace Inc., a leading provider of aerospace insurance, announces a new partnership with Prevailance Aerospace as part of its industry leading SM4 Aviation Safety Program. Prevailance and Global have worked together to create a unique series of Unusual Attitude Training services for all Global customers. In addition, Global’s Vista Elite qualified customers will have access to enhanced Upset Prevention & Recovery (UPRT) and Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) Training services.

Prevailance Aerospace was founded to address the #1 cause of fatalities in aviation today – LOC-I. Each training program focuses on the leading causes of LOC-I, how best to address and manage the ‘startle’ factor, and teaches repeatable skills and techniques required to recover from an upset situation. The Prevailance Aerospace instructor cadre has decades of experience flying and instructing in military and civilian aircraft and use a building-block approach to on-aircraft training in a safe and professional environment. The training is tailorable and fully transferable to a wide variety of platforms. Prevailance Aerospace’s primary training facility is in Chesapeake, VA but they will also take their training curriculum directly to their customers’ flight departments – an industry first.

“Global Aerospace recognizes that as our industry evolves so must the SM4 Program. By supporting this first-class Part 141 approved training provider, we are enhancing the program and providing valuable services that meet the needs of our customers,” said Marilena Sharpell, Senior Vice President, Underwriting and Operations Executive, at Global Aerospace. “We are pleased to welcome Prevailance Aerospace to the program to help our customers achieve a higher level of flight proficiency through UPRT flight academics, airborne training, and additional tools they can use in the future. We know our customers will also benefit from receiving a custom training video with wing, tail, and cockpit audio and video from their capstone training flight, to further support the study and practice of appropriate recovery procedures.”

As an industry, we have recognized that LOC-I accidents are resulting in more fatalities in business and commercial operations than any other category of accident over the last decade. The NBAA, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the FAA have all made it a priority to reduce these events across the globe. The NTSB also targets this issue on its 2016 “Most Wanted” list of safety improvements.

Through the SM4 Program, Prevailance Aerospace will provide Global customers with access to UPRT and LOC-I training. Vanessa Christie, Vice President of Strategic Development for Prevailance Aerospace commented, “Addressing LOC-I is paramount for every corporate flight department, every aviation safety program, and every pilot. We appreciate the emphasis that Global Aerospace has placed on incorporating this critical training into its SM4 program. Our methodical training approach complements Global’s existing programs with safe, dynamic, airborne training. Surprise and startle are very real elements of almost all aviation mishaps, and by conducting airborne training in a safe, controlled, and professional environment, each pilot will learn the required skills and techniques to recover from LOC-I situations in a repeatable and predictable way.”

As a specialist aviation insurance provider, Global Aerospace is committed to the continuous development and evolution of SM4 and helping our customers pursue higher levels of safety. To learn more about Prevailance Aerospace, visit the Global Aerospace Booth (#2644) at the NBAA BACE Convention in Orlando, Florida on November 1st and 2nd from 3-5pm to meet with Prevailance representatives.