Global Aerospace Announces the 2017 SM4 Aviation Safety Program

December 9, 2016

New Partners and Refreshed Safety Services to Meet Evolving Industry Needs

Parsippany, New JerseyGlobal Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace insurance, is pleased to announce the 2017 SM4 Aviation Safety Program which includes new partners and a refreshed line-up of direct services. Now entering its 8th year, SM4 continues to expand by providing targeted subject matter experts and financial support to the aerospace sector.

Since 2010, the company has committed over $3.5 million to support SM4 and help its clients pursue higher levels of safety. In March 2016, SM4 launched the Community of Excellence which was part of a two-year continuous improvement plan to make the benefits of the program easier to access.

Marilena Sharpell, Senior Vice President, Underwriting & Operations Executive, commented, “The 2017 SM4 Program has been expanded to include safety services that provide risk mitigation tools to our clients in areas such as cyber threat and slow onset hypoxia. By including these new initiatives, the SM4 program will provide a wider array of products and services to our clients.”

The 2017 SM4 Community of Excellence partners and subject matter experts include the following highly regarded aviation safety professionals:

Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International, LLC: Safety, security and regulatory compliance for commercial operators
Baldwin Aviation: Aviation safety management support
Convergent Performance:Human factors and performance improvement
Gray Stone Advisors: Operational assessments and business aviation consulting
Fireside Partners Inc.: Emergency response and family assistance support
MedAire, Inc.:Comprehensive medical, security and travel assistance
* Prevailance Aerospace: Upset recovery training
* Pulsar Informatics: Fatigue risk management solutions
* Satcom Direct: Cyber security audit and consultation
* Southern AeroMedical Institute: Scenario based hypoxia training
* Unmanned Safety Institute: Safety and training for unmanned aircraft systems
* New Level II and Level III partners for 2017

Prevailance Aerospace was founded to address the #1 cause of fatalities in aviation today – Loss of Control In flight (LOC-I). Its training program focuses on the leading causes of LOC-I, how best to address and manage the ‘startle’ factor and teaches repeatable skills and techniques required to recover from an upset situation. Global clients will receive both academic and airborne training to enhance airmanship skills and recognize and recover from unusual attitudes and aircraft upsets.

Pulsar Informatics an IS-BAO I3SA certified company specializing in systems that help organizations reduce fatigue-related risk and achieve peak performance. Its Fatigue MeterTM product will help flight departments identify ways to reduce fatigue impact on a team, and help maintain a safe, efficient operation.

Satcom Direct’s SD Data Center brings enterprise-level security audits to data transmissions on the ground and in the air. SD’s compliance experts use a consultative approach to provide aircraft cyber security audits focusing on both the cabin and the ground network. The audit addresses cyber security issues, best practices in network design, and policies and procedures, all to ensure passenger data is classified and properly protected.

Southern AeroMedical Institute is a unique facility that provides pilots with advanced High Altitude Chamber Training. Global clients will receive advanced altitude chamber training to educate them about the insidious nature of slow onset hypoxia.

The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), while not new to the SM4 program, has created a new safety benefit for all of the company’s unmanned aircraft clients. USI has developed a Part 107 Compliant Small UAS Ground SchoolTM which consists of 8 training modules. Global clients will have access to the first 4 training modules via a dedicated online portal at no charge.

Ms. Sharpell added, “While 2017 marks the second year of the two-year continuous improvement plan, SM4 will continue to identify risk and provide resources and expertise to our industry well into the future.”

For full program information and a complete listing of the direct services available to Global Aerospace general aviation customers in the United States, please refer to the Community of Excellence page on the SM4 website. SM4 resources can be accessed through the website resource library, aviation safety e-newsletter and various safety initiatives provided by the program partners.