DARTdrones Announces Public Safety Grant Program Featuring $100,000 in Training Scholarships

February 22, 2018, Suzanne Keneally
Suzanne Keneally

DARTdrones officially announces the launch of their Public Safety Grant Program. In honor of their one-year Shark Tank anniversary, they are offering $100,000 in public safety grant funds as a commitment to save more lives with drones. After training 70+ police and fire departments worldwide, DARTdrones has seen the capabilities of this technology, and want to offer more departments the opportunity to implement drones. We hope that this $100,000 pledge is just the beginning.  READ MORE

2 responses to “DARTdrones Announces Public Safety Grant Program Featuring $100,000 in Training Scholarships”

  1. Not saying this is an “us too” situation but we at Drone Pilot, Inc. have been doing this for years. The “grant” is just really a discount on their classes, not so much of a money-into-your-hands type of grant that can buy you equipment. I would imagine, the more pilots you send, the larger the “grant” would be, which is essentially a quantity discount. Anyone in business would do this. Very nice marketing ploy though since many PSA’s rely on grants for funding.

    • Within just the first three weeks of launching the DARTdrones Public Safety Grant, we have awarded over 40 police and fire departments the following package at a minimum: 2 free spots in our In-Person Flight Training courses, 2 free spots in our In-Person and Online Part 107 Test Prep Course, 2 free spots in our 14 online continuing education courses, and consulting time about submitting a COA. The 40+ departments that have been granted funding have received at a minimum over $3500 in free training with no requirement for them to spend any money with DARTdrones. We believe this is a very noble cause and are dedicated to increasing the lives saved with drones.

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