Convergent Launches Innovative New Fatigue Risk Management Program – Targets Business and Charter Aviation

December 10, 2014

Business and charter aviation have a new option for Fatigue Risk Management. Convergent Performance has released Fit 4 Duty™, an innovative Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) solution that goes beyond traditional “sleep and scheduling” approaches. Kacy Schwartz, Convergent’s Manager of Customer Care and Development, explains the driving force behind the new approach: “Our customers were telling us they wanted something more holistic and relevant to smaller operations; something with big impact but small bureaucracy.”

Dr. Tony Kern, CEO of Convergent Performance, explains further why a broader approach to fatigue mitigation was needed. “Fatigue is about far more than just getting enough sleep. It involves other core aspects of physiological readiness, including optimizing nutrition, hydration, stress controls, and even countering the effects of aging.” To create this new program Convergent put together a team of experts, including sleep scientists, Olympic athletes/trainers, and other subject matter experts on specialized fatigue related topics. According to Kern, the program includes all elements of an FAA compliant FRMS but is amplified with training and analysis tools for the other physiological factors.

In the 2013 article, Sleepless America: The Deadly Cost of Fatigue in Transportation, Dr. Mark Rosekind, a world renowned fatigue expert and NTSB board member, stated: “fatigue related tragedies are played out across every hour of the day throughout our nation’s transportation system.” As an industry, we need to address fatigue as if our lives and those around us depend on it, and the new Fit 4 Duty™ program is a great way to get started.

For more information on the Fit 4 Duty™ fatigue risk management system, contact Kacy Schwartz at | 719-481-0530 or your Global Aerospace representative.

CLICK HERE for information on the Fit 4 Duty Program designed for qualified Global Aerospace Customers.