The Global Aerospace Airport Safety Advocacy Program (ASAP)

As a leading provider of aerospace insurance, Global Aerospace understands the importance of a robust safety culture. We are dedicated to supporting the aviation industry and providing continuously evolving safety tools.

The SM4 program reflects our commitment to safety and ASAP has been designed to bring the SM4 concept to the airport community through local airport associations. We have designed this program for both general aviation and commercial airports.

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ASAP Safety Benefit – Webinar Training (2 Part Series)

SAFETY MANAGEMENT FOR AIRPORTS: From concept to implementation, a real world guide to raising safety awareness for your user community.

Every airport and association that becomes part of the ASAP will have access to training Webinars with SM4 Safety Program Partner, Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International, LLC (formerly ICF SH&E).

PART ONE of this webinar series will begin to cover the following valuable topics:

  1. Understanding the Fundamentals of SMS and why it is important to your airport community;
  2. Understanding your “Users” and their expectations of safety;
  3. FAA’s Position on SMS and what you can expect;
  4. The Economic impact of SMS – What it may cost you and what you didn’t know you already had;
  5. Building your SMS – The foundational first steps to document your program;
  6. Building a Baseline Risk Assessment for your airport and the SMS GAP exercise;
  7. Understanding traditional airport hazards and associated risks – from parking lots to wildlife management issues;
  8. Collaboration with Mutual Aid in building an airport community wide SMS;
  9. The importance of data and proper analysis to support your airport SMS; and
  10. Communicating your safety program to your users.

PART TWO will cover the following topics:

  1. Basic elements of an SMS to form a system;
  2. SMS for the entire airport – landside, airside, occupational safety and operational safety;
  3. The four safety pillars of your SMS:
    1. Safety Policy – defining the overall plan
    2. Safety Risk Management – process elements of identifying hazards and analyzing risk
    3. Safety Assurance – data management strategies and proper analysis to support your SMS
    4. Safety Promotion – Communicating your safety program to your users through training and constant messaging

“Safety Management for Airports”

Presented by SM4 Partner: ICF SH&E



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