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Planning Basics

Richard Keltner

By Richard Keltner
Safety Specialist, Global Aerospace, Inc.

Because your organization is unique, your response to an aviation accident or incident will also be unique. It will reflect the circumstances of the loss and it will reflect your culture. With a focus on communication and flexibility, most successful plans contain the following parts.

  • Discussion/definition of triggering events
  • General guidance for crew members at the accident scene
  • Protocol for response to initial notification
    – Forms and record keeping
    – Internal notification procedures including contact lists
    – External notification procedures
  • Assignment of management responsibility
    – On scene
    – At company headquarters
  • Determination of response level
  • Assignment of responsibilities for action
  • External contact plan
    – Regulatory requirements
    – Insurance support
    – Legal counsel
  • Next of Kin
    – Notification
    – Support
  • Media interaction and response
  • Recovery
    – Short term
    – Long term

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