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Emergency Response Planning – Integrating a Family Assistance Service Provider

Donald J. Chupp

By Donald J. Chupp
President, Fireside Partners Inc.

Ask any organization with a solid culture what they would do if faced with an aviation accident, and the answer will often be “take care of the families.” These same organizations often face shortages in trained personnel, dedicated resources, and/or deficiencies in post-accident know how.
Download Guidebook:  Integrating a Family Assistance Service Provider, A Resource Guidebook for the Business Aviation Industry.

Fireside Partners Inc. Fireside Partners Inc.
Fireside Partners, Inc., is a fully integrated emergency services provider designed to provide all services and resources required to respond effectively and compassionately in a crisis situation. Dedicated to building world-class emergency response programs (ERP), Fireside instills confidence, resiliency and readiness for high-net worth and high-visibility individuals and businesses. Fireside provides a broad array of services focused on prevention and on-site support to help customers protect their most important assets: their people and their good name.

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