Book Review: Implementing Safety Management Systems In Aviation
Book Review
Implementing Safety Management Systems
In Aviation
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Book Review: Implementing Safety Management Systems In Aviation

Richard Keltner

By Richard Keltner
Safety Specialist, Global Aerospace, Inc.

By Alan J. Stolzer, Carl D. Halford and John J. Goglia
Ashgate Publishing, First Edition, 430 pages; ISBN 978-1-4094-0165-0

Do you consider yourself a serious aviation safety professional? Beyond a significant interest in safety, do you actually develop, integrate or monitor a program? Look around your workspace. Is it littered with magazine articles about Safety Culture or Hazard Tracking or Risk Management? Can you recite the Four Pillars and the Dirty Dozen without a need to refer to notes? If you know the difference between ALARP and IS-BAO, you have been waiting for this book.

The first word in its title describes its purpose. It is a single-source reference for aviation professionals needing a clear understanding of how all those Safety Management parts can be integrated into one unified system. What I really like about the book is its breakdown of the content. Each chapter stands alone as a guide to a specific part of a complete safety system. If you need help developing your metrics or creating top-down support, just flip to that particular chapter. Do you have questions about how to include your maintenance operations in your SMS? Richard Komarniski authored chapter fourteen just for you. Do you have questions about safety culture? Read the chapter written by Roberto Torres. He will walk you through the Coast Guard’s approach.

Speaking of authors, the chapters are written by a team of aviation safety all-stars. People like Kent Lewis, Dr. Don Arendt and Bill Yantiss. (Bill’s chapter on SMS implementation is one that I particularly recommend.) That Alan Stolzer somehow managed to convince these powerhouses to write for him testifies to his powers of persuasion and his own significant reputation.

The book is a companion volume to Safety Management Systems In Aviation, (reviewed in this newsletter last year). That book describes the component parts of an SMS, and this second volume completes the package. Honestly, these two books might be the only library you need to get your SMS up and running. Want to order the book straight from the publisher? Go to It’s a bit of an investment, but a wise one well worth making.

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