SM4 Aviation Safety Elements: Prevention

You and your team can create an approach to air safety that drops your risk to a point that is as low as practical. Safety is a game you can win. Your preventive approach must be comprehensive, leading to safety not only in the aircraft, but also on the maintenance floor, in the dispatch office—even in your car during your daily commute. A 24/7/365 focus is the only path to 24/7/365 safety.

The keys to accident prevention are preparedness, accountability and professionalism—a culture where no topic is off limits, and no opportunity to improve risk management is ignored. Accident prevention involves more than having an SMS binder on the shelf and being able to check off the boxes for auditors—it requires a vigilant mindset and a team approach to looking for every opportunity to uncover potential risks and courageously address them.

If your organization doesn’t currently have a Safety Management System (SMS) and the related prevention components in place, you can contact one of our SM4 Partners to learn more about the consulting and training they offer.

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