SM4 Aviation Safety Elements: Planning

A systematic approach and commitment to planning is an essential part of your safety program. When you plan appropriately, you take the time to consider potential outcomes. In that way, a plan enables your program to become predictive, not merely reactive. The process of effective planning strengthens your organization by reinforcing responsibilities and authorities.

When you become more adept in safety planning (it is a skill that must be learned), you will reduce your risks and improve your probability of success. Preparing your team leaders by providing them with plan development training should be an important part of your management program. You will find valuable safety planning articles in the Resources section here on the SM4 website.

If your organization would benefit from a review of your Safety Management System (SMS) and its related planning elements, you can contact one of our SM4 Partners to learn more about the consulting and training they offer.

Clarity…safety preparedness…continuous improvement…prediction: these are key elements of successful aviation safety planning.

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