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SM4 Safety Resource Bulletin
JANUARY 2017 | A Safety Investment Initiative of Global Aerospace
SM4 Partner Feature
Experiential Learning and the Importance of On-Aircraft UPRT Programs
You fly to a simulated abeam position in the landing pattern with your instructor, and you begin to pull power and start your 'approach to land.' The instructor imitates a common call from Tower: "945PV, Tower, tighten your turn inside straight-in traffic, mile and a half." You realize too late that you've pulled too much power. As your angle of bank increases and the aircraft stalls, you find yourself nose-low, over-banked and by every professionally-accepted definition 'upset.'... Read More
SM4 Partner Feature
Maximizing the Benefit: Applying Risk Management Tools to Achieve Operational Excellence
One of the benefits of an effective, enterprise-wide Risk Management program is the opportunity to break down pre-existing barriers between and within departments. Many organizations' departments still operate in silos, where information and the means to communicate are not shared. The silos exist for a variety of reasons; for example, a manager's compulsion to maintain strict control of information or even fear of exposing the actual level of performance of a department... Read More
BizAv Consulting
Complimentary eBook from Gray Stone Advisors: Top 10 Blogs of 2016
Download the top 10 blog posts compiled from "The Advisor," a monthly e-newsletter from Gray Stone Advisors. The topics are specifically written for aviation directors and aspiring leaders. Learn how to adapt to the latest trends in business aviation, create an operating plan for your flight department, think and act like a leader... Download Ebook
FAA Safety Briefing
The Wild (Not So Blue) Yonder—Mitigating Risk in the Flight Operating Environment
The enVironment portion of the PAVE (Pilot, Aircraft, enVironment, External Pressures) risk assessment checklist addresses one of the pilot’s most critical risk assessment and decision-making responsibilities. The most obvious risk element is weather, but other environmental factors include terrain, obstacles, lighting, airspace, airports, traffic and more. Each factor has an impact on flight, but it is also essential to assess their combined impact... Read More
Accident & Incident Data
Business Jet and Turboprop Accidents on the Decline
According to preliminary statistics researched by AIN, there were 12 accidents of N-numbered business jets last year compared with 20 in 2015. The number of accidents and fatalities involving U.S. registered business jets declined last year... Read More
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Feb. 7 – 10, 2017: NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference
Fort Worth Convention Center – Fort Worth, TX
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Mar. 6 – 9, 2017: HAI – Heli-Expo
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – Dallas, TX
Global Aerospace Booth #8656
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Apr. 23 – 26, 2017: RIMS Annual Conference
Pennsylvania Convention Center – Philadelphia, PA
Global Aerospace Booth #2437
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